Football Soccer Learn How To Win On Average 1.5 to 2.4 Points Per Game Within 12 Weeks - Results Will Improve Within 12 Hours

Intelligent Football - Education & The Study Of Time & Motion Improves Results & British Football

Intelligent Football teaches what is not taught, so teams can win more than they ever thought

Too many injuries and mistakes and no improvement in results is caused by people not knowing how to teach and how to learn.

When Learning & Development and the study of Time & Motion are applied, a team becomes more efficient & wins more games.

If a team learns how to out think the opposition they will baffle them, out play them and win more games.

It takes hours and weeks to learn, not years.

If you are interested in finding out how, please call David on 07898 259 376, thank you.

Transferable Skills. He brings extensive knowledge & experience of teamwork, customer service and how to win gained whilst part of World Championship winning F1 and F5000 racing teams and his troubleshooting business.

A team may have the most possession, corners and shots on target but this does not mean they control or win the game.

Control is when a team creates a passage of play which results in a goal being scored or not conceded.

A team will keep more clean sheets, win more games and the club increase revenues within weeks, adding value to the players and club.

Build a conveyor belt of local quality players, coaches and managers of all ages and nationalities and introduce succession planning.

At our meeting you will receive a written plan outlining how this sustainable model is delivered, at no charge or obligation.

We Improve Managers, Coaches & Players & Improve Team Results, Profits & Customer Service.

All you need to do is make the call to David The Football Troubleshooter on 07898 259 376. Thank you.

Excellence In Customer Service Improves Team Results & Profits

How To Improve Customer Service & Build A Sustainable Business

Earning trust and respect and saying thank you are good starting points.

How To Avoid Relegation Using Education

It is the players and coaches perception that needs to change if the team are to avoid relegation.

A brain storming session is organised with the players and coaches. The session is about thinking and learning and not yelling and telling.

During this session we find out how much knowledge people have about controlling and winning games.

A debrief of the last game takes place and learning opportunities, not mistakes are identified by the players.

The team has Learning & Development sessions using this new knowledge and results will improve within 12 hours.

Contact David Please call +44 (0)7898 259 376 email: Twitter:@IntellFootball or Skype: aspireto

Your health and education are important in life. Please put football into perspective and enjoy it.

The business of football need not be the way it is, with the richest clubs being the most successful.

Financial fair play encourages innovation. Research indicates any progressive club can win silverware. Thank you.


Tackling Obesity - Healthy Living Using Weight Control

Achieving Success

Be at peace with yourself.

Use further education to help you do what you do, naturally.

Stay calm and in control of your emotions.

Enjoy what you do and have fun. Thank you and good luck.